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Ye Cunning Woman`s Apothecary

Available soon for all ye magickal workings

and if ye canst wait aske ye for costings

Ass`s Foot, Bat`s Wings, Bat`s Wool, Bear`s Foot, Beggar`s Buttons, Bird`s Foot, Black Sampson, Black Snake Root, Blind Eyes, Blood of Ares, Blood of Kronos, Blood of Hephaistos, Blood of Hestia, Blood of a Titan, Bloodwort, Bloody Butcher, Seed of Horus, Bull`s Foot, Capon`s Tail, Cheeses, Church Steeples, Corpse Candles, Crown for a King, Cuckoo`s Bread, Death Flower, Devil`s Dung, Devil`s Nettle, Devil`s Plaything, Dew of the Sea, Dragon`s Blood, Ear of an Ass, Elf Leaf, Erba Santa Maria, Eye of Newt, Eye of the Star, Felon Herb, Fox`s Clote, From the Loins, Graveyard Dust, Hagthorn, Hairs of a Baboon, Herb of Grace, Horse Hoof, Joy of the Mountain, Knight`s Milfoil, Lion`s Ear, Love Root, Master of the Woods, Mother`s Heart, Nosebleed, Old Man, Old Woman, Paddock Pipes, Priest`s Crown, Pucha-pat, Queen of the Meadow, Semen of Hermes, Seven Year`s Love, Shepherd`s Heart, Star Flower, Starweed, Swine`s Snout, Tanner`s Bark, White Man`s Foot, Witch Herb, Witchbane

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