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Holistic Herbalist

At She Wolf the aim is to assist our clients in maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Herbs are a great way to help our bodies heal when sick. They are gentle and help us be in harmony with ourselves and nature. Together with healing, meditation and shamanic work the powers of the plants can change and improve our whole quality of life. Many of the herbs used are either grown in our lovely garden or foraged and harvested safely and respectfully. Their  healing virtues are honoured and acknowledged as they are gathered from local woodlands, hedges and commons. The rest are bought organic wherever possible from reputable suppliers. Healing and meditation can help us get back to that which is lacking by connecting with Earth Mother and Universal energies that are often missing when we become unbalanced due to the daily stresses of life. She Wolf is based in Eltham, London. If you cannot come to us depending on distance we may be able to visit you. Contact us to discuss your needs and what will work best for you.

A little bit about me

My name is Giselle and I am a:


Trained Herbalist - The Institute of Natural Healing/

Blackford Centre for Natural Medicine/British School of Yoga

Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner with the British School of Yoga

Healer Counsellor - United Spiritualist Healers

Shamanic Practitioner and Medicine Woman - Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, Woodlands, Trees, Plants, Two, Four and Eight Legged, Standing People and Sitting People, All My Relations - Aho! 


I trained as a herbalist as I felt I wanted more control over my own health. Some years ago certain health issues arose and I became quite ill.  With my love and obsession of plants and herbs I self diagnosed and self treated until eventually I had to accept I could not do this alone as I wasn`t getting any better. So eventually I admitted defeat and went along to see a doctor and then consultants and hospital visits. This made it very clear to me that conventional medicine was not the answer either. The medication I was given seemed to be making my condition worse! So, using the information I was getting from conventional medicine, having now a proper diagnosis, I asked to just be monitored while I self treated. It became clear to me that there are ways, far gentler than conventional medicine, to deal with health issues when they arise and thereafter keep us in optimum condition.


I have always had an affinity with the natural world of plants and especially those we use as medicines. When my own health showed serious problems I was reluctant to simply keep popping pills with all their side effects, much to the disapproval of my doctors and consultants. Certainly I needed doctors and hospitals and would not have survived without them. However I believed working together with conventional and herbal medicine was the way forward to optimal health. In my case this proved true. First through trial and error and then through finally studying with the Blackford Centre for Herbal Medicine, I was able to take charge of my body and health. Afterwards I continued with my studies with The British School of Yoga and as complementary medicine is such a vast subject I am still studying and will as I complete studies add these to my list. Now my aim is to help others in the same way I have helped myself.


I will never tell a client not to see their doctor, in fact I will encourage it as I am not a medically qualified and would like a proper diagnosis before I try to help you. I do this with the help of herbs prepared specially for you and advising you on lifestyle changes you may need to make.



Spiritual Healing and Meditation
Healing and meditation are wonderful ways to connect with the essence of you, they help you get back in harmony with the Universe and Source. Bringing a calm energy to your every day life, regular healing and meditation will gradually aid in mental, physical and spiritual balance. Many clients with physical problems are really so stressed with everyday life and problems that they are literally making themselves sick. My clients have reported back to me how other members of their families have said they seem more relaxed after seeing me. Healing and meditation are a way of saying you value yourself and will have precious me-time! The benefits will make it worth while.
Herbs are for Healing
As a Spiritual Healer I believe in working together with the spirits of the plants and herbs. My energy with theirs, we work together to bring about a unique and specially made herbal blend dedicated to its intended purpose. This could be for an infusion or an incense, a special candle or a talisman.
Crystals for Empowering

Crystals, like herbs, come from the Earth Mother, and as such they too possess healing abilities. According to which crystal calls to me at the time, I will use crystals to infuse its power to the herbs I am working with even further

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