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Spellcrafting and Shamanic Workshops

A New Start for 2019

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         Magick               Meditation


Self Empowerment through Spellcrafting (and other magickal means!)


Learn how to empower your life, no longer the victim you can take charge of your destiny. Through visualisation, meditation and learning how to perform your own magickal spells you can enrich your life. These sessions are private and as far as possible we work on each person`s individual life problems if needed. That said I am happy for a group of two or three friends to come and work together and in which case the cost to each individual may be reduced. Times, dates and prices to be arranged with each individual or group of friends. Be assured no one else will be included in these sessions.

Single sessions £35.00 per person

Four weekly sessions (paid in advance) £125.00 per person

All you need for my classes is provided for you though you will probably want to build your own supplies up for future use at some stage! Sessions last between 1.5 - 2 hours each.

Full Moon Manifestation Drum Circle

These are held on the Monday before the Full Moon every month. It is very meditative and the intention at this circle is to help you manifest your desires. 

£20.00 per person payable in advance

Dark Moon Drum Circle

This circle is held at the Dark Moon, usually the night before the New Moon. Here we explore our dark selves!

£20.00 per person payable in advance

One to One Shamanic Session

Journey with the Ancestors


These sessions involve deep meditative work walking the Medicine Wheel. You will create your own shamanic tools working to your own level. Before we begin we will discuss your needs and adapt the work to suit you. This may take place in my own home or in local woodlands. If you wish to come with one or two friends this can be arranged and in this case the cost can be reduced. These sessions will take place at a date and time to be mutually arranged. This can if desired take place at night in the woods.


Single sessions £35.00

Four weekly sessions paid in advance £125.00 per person 

All day workshops £100.00

Crystal Skull Meditations

Connect with the higher energies with my family of crystal skulls. Feel the universal connection, the Masters, the strands of the web of life and be open to what may come ....

Single sessions £35.00 per person

Four weekly sessions £125.00 per person

All day workshops £100.00

Workshops must be booked and paid for in advance of the course though you may hold your place with a suitable deposit. All materials will be supplied though you may be asked to go on a Sacred Walk to gather certain items such as feathers or stones or other gifts from Mother Earth.


Individual sessions last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours

All day sessions last approximately 6 - 8 hours with a couple of breaks for lunch and refreshments


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