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Giselle has been a friend of ours for years, as she was recommended to us by another Wonderful friend, also in England. She creates a magickal blend of incense for us that represents the power that I align with, which is also within me. As Above - So Below.

I am 56 years old, and her Wonderful incense is absolutely The Best incense I have Ever had. Not only the scent, but also the exceptional energy that I can feel coming from it as well. She is a very good person, & her light appears to be infused in her art.

I will only obtain our custom blended incense from her for the rest of my days. I feel that she could ask twice the price and it would be well worth it.

Rock on Geezie!

Jeff, Vermont

I am a 42 yr old woman who has suffered with psoriasis since my late teens. Throughout my lifetime I have tried almost every treatment available from creams to light therapy, chinese herbs to acupuncture, with little effect. In fact I strongly feel that most of the cream I used made things worse. After speaking at length with Giselle, we were both in agreement that my psoriasis was a symptom of something out of balance elsewhere in my body. In my case it is almost certainly my digestive system, I have also suffered with gastric upsets and unexplained abdominal pains for most of my adult life, which on more than one occasion have resulted in me being admitted to hospital. I have been taking Giselle`s herbal tea now for just over a year, and from day one I noticed a difference. I didn`t realise how irritated my stomach felt until it started to feel better, and it does feel so much better. The effect on my skin took a little longer but last summer I wore shorts in public for the first time in years!!! My skin is always much worse in the winter with the cold outside and the central heating inside, this winter it has flared but only a little and isn`t as painful as it usually is by now. I have never had anything have such a positive effect before, and I can`t imagine life without herbs now.

C.B. London

I cannot recommend Giselle highly enough. She has a caring welcoming approach that makes her very easy to talk to. This ensures her recomendations are very accurate from the first as her approach ensures a very thorough and open discussion of the symptoms. She has been of enormous help in aiding me with sleep related problems that I have endured for years. The value of a good night`s sleep? Priceless!

T. D. Eltham

I consulted Giselle after an operation which caused a lot of pain and inflammation. The herbal teas have helped so much, helped me manage the pain and gradually decreased the inflammation. After so much medication I wanted to deal with the issue in a natural way and it worked! I have complex health issues and Giselle ensured she took all this into account ensuring nothing would interfere with current medications I am on. She is an encouraging person who truly wants to help heal people through the natural world. I am so pleased I gave this a go and now always ask her advice on any health issues.

Anne, SE London

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