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Herbal Medicine


Herbal teas have been helping people with many ailments for centuries, from digestive issues to stress, to skin problems, the common cold and a vast array of complications affecting the health of the individual. When you come for a herbal medicine consultation you will be asked to bring a list of all medications you are currently taking as well as supplements and vitamins. This is to make sure you are not given any herbs which will contra-indicate anything you are already taking. A first consultation can take anything up to an hour and a half and recommendations may include advice on lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet. If emotional problems may be causing physical symptoms you may also be advised on Bach Flower Remedies.

Telephone Consultations

Your first consultation must be a one to one face to face consultation. However if distance or travelling is a problem, after the initial herbal consultation, follow ups may be done by telephone and your herbs then posted to you.


Spiritual Healing


Healing at She Wolf could last on average one hour. You will always be offered a drink as talk is often part of the healing and also helps to understand other needs you may have. If you are a client of one of the other services provided you may be offered a special discount when you have healing at the end as part of an extended appointment.



Though meditation is a daily practice for many people sometimes even those experienced at meditation need that extra help and guidance especially at difficult times in life. We sometimes need motivation! It is known that regular practice can help relax and so is beneficial when life is stressful and busy. Sessions can be arranged for one-to-one or small groups so as to keep it personal and intimate. Meditation and Pathworking is usually part of all workshops and one to one sessions.


Shamanic Work


Shamanism is a huge and diverse subject, from teaching to healing, indoors or out, alone or in a group. Whether you wish to learn about Shamanism or require some work being done for you, simply email or phone and we can discuss your requirements. Check out the workshop page for information on workshops.




Initial herbal consultations: 1 -1.5 hours £45.00


     Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

     Plan for course of treatment

     Herbs included to last two weeks


Follow up consultation: 30 - 45 mins £45.00


     Review progress and discuss requirements

     Herbs supplied to last four weeks and a monthly fee discussed that will include all herbs needed so client knows exactly how much it will cost regardless if something extra is needed one month




A healing session that is not part of a consultation: £45.00

     Expect to be here for about an hour




     Group sessions: £20.00 per person

     One-to-one sessions from £35.00



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